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How it Works Lead Scout Youtube Series

Watch this "How to" series to get started

You can watch this 20 minute series on our Youtube channel or keep scrolling to watch each video individually below.

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Getting Started with Lead Scout

Welcome to Lead Scout - it's time to get started! Here are the top 3 things you can do right now to get started the right way:

  • Download the mobile app on iOS or Android if you haven't already.
  • Invite your team members
  • Scout your first prospect
Video #2

Invite & Manage Team Members in Lead Scout

Easily add team members in Lead Scout for seamless collaboration. Follow these steps to invite and enable your sales team.

 Watch time: 2:29 

Video #3

How to set a status on a prospect

Use prospect statuses to streamline scouting: prioritize prospects, organize your pipeline, and enable data-driven decision making.

 Watch time: 4:06 

Video #4

What are tags and how should I use them?

Tags are key to organizing your scouting. Learn how to use tags to streamline canvassing, enhance collaboration, and boost sales.

 Watch time: 1:58 

Want Professional Coaching?

We will come along side you!

Sure, you could roll this out on your own, but we've been helping hundreds of contractors maximize their results and we can help you too! We provide both on-site, in-the-field training, and virtual training.

Onboarding Blob 2
Video #5

How to add collaborative notes to a prospect

Use notes to add more detail to a prospect beyond tags and the prospect status and to give your team (or yourself) more context for the next time you visit that prospect!

 Watch time: 2:12 

Video #6

Use the Leaderboard to measure success and keep your team accountable

Use the leaderboard as your pulse for team activity in Lead Scout. Filter over a time range to track status updates, tags, or direct mail.

 Watch time: 3:02 

Video #7

Update My Account information

Easily update your personal info in Lead Scout: name, email, phone, and password. Keep your account updated to avoid collaboration issues!

 Watch time: 1:01 

Video #8

Update Company information and settings

Easily keep your company information up to date in Account Settings within your Lead Scout account.

 Watch time: 0:35 

Video #9

How to manage your subscription

Login to your account on the web portal at to manage your subscription, update your plan, update your payment method, or view your invoice history.

 Watch time: 0:39 

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