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Max Out Sales Rep Potential

Enable your sales reps to generate their own leads

Lead Scout gives your sales team a way to find new opportunity and turn prospects into leads using a proven, easy-to-adopt process

How it works

Prospect Selection compressed
Assign sales reps to scout a new area

Give your sales reps a clear to-do list showing them how and where to spend their day to close the most leads.

  • Verified Addresses
  • Head of household Names
  • Occupancy statuses
  • No rentals or businesses
Identify issues with the home in the mobile app

Qualify and disqualify prospects, take notes, and add tags about the symptoms of the home and status of the lead.

  • Mobile iOS & Android (Beta) App
  • Canvassing functionality
  • Lead status
  • Tag by symptom
  • Collaborative Notes
  • Daily to-dos
  • Alerts & Notifications
Delay Mail until Qualification
Get tons of touchpoints automatically

Qualified prospects automatically get marketing like postcards or handwritten notes to help sales reps close the lead.

  • Fully Automated
  • Multiple Drip Series
  • Postcards
  • Handwritten Notes
  • SMS Text Messages (beta)
  • Emails (beta)
  • Digital Display Ads (beta)

Guaranteed quality, exclusive leads

Neighborhood leads are 2nd only to referrals in quality – why? 

  • Your sales team is vetting every single prospect and noting symptoms, so your marketing is prequalified and goes where it matters most.
  • Leads come from a trusted source, the neighborhoods you’re already working in. Homeowners are predisposed to trust you since you're already in their neighborhood!

The proof is in the partnerships

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