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Affordable pricing for any team

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Starter Scout


up to 3 users

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Pro Scout


up to 20 users

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Starts at $500/mo

up to 40 users

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Mobile Scouting App
(iOS & Android)

Create & Assign Territories

Unlimited Addresses

Address Name

Expanded Homeowner Data (Beta)

Custom Property Tags

Collaborate with Notes

Control Automated Marketing

CSV Data Export
Direct Mail Automations
Team Onboarding



Automated Drip Sequencing

First Class Postage

Custom Design Upload

6x11" Postcard

Ask Sales 

Ask Sales

Ask Sales

5x7" Handwritten Note
Ask Sales Ask Sales Ask Sales
Team Collaboration
Seats per team
Up to 3 Up to 20 Up to 40

Create & Assign Territories

Team Task Management

1 1 3

Additional Locations
–– $75/mo $50/mo
Support & Training
Custom Design Services
Ask Sales Ask Sales Ask Sales

On-Site D2D Training
Ask Sales Ask Sales Ask Sales

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